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Maybe it's crazy what I'm going to write, but this world has been overcome just because the crazy people have changed it.

I have a project get many people out of poverty, but I need financing, to get 7 people out of poverty I need 50 thousand dollars, but to get thousands I need 5 million.

The Europeans,Americans, and the citizens of the rich countries are upset with the immigrants who are going to fuck in their countries, carry their bad habits bad education,etc. So what is the solution so that they do not migrate to create sources of employment and opportunities in their own countries?

But the governments are not going to do it is not convenient for them to make progress,that is why my project, to produce with people of scarce resources to export,for that I need the financing.

I am honest, not the most honest, the money will be well invested if you support me, I hope this statement full of madness comes at the hands of some sane, who wants to change the world, I have put in this point since in the project I have been working two years but my resources are few and what I recover I continue to reinvest,but the idea is to enlarge the project and more people join, for that I need the financing.

If someone richand of good heart wants to support us with the condition that when things change and we already have more resources we will also support more people, but not so that they live on charity, but so that they are productive and not a burden for the state, or a nuisance for developed countries.

A simple thinker who wants to change something in this world.

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